In as little as 13 seconds an intruder can get past a euro cylinder door lock as illustrated on the right by using simple DIY tools.

The vast majority of doors in the UK & Ireland could have these vulnerable euro cylinder locks.

The Police are now urging home owners to check and upgrade their door security. The BBC have recently reported on the rise of lock snapping to further inform the public of the need to review their door security.


Many lock manufacturers have attempted to increase the strength around the fixing position on the euro cylinder and have introduced anti-snap lines - burglars have quickly developed their methods of attack and are simply bypassing these reinforcements.



The ABS Snap Secure Lock is the only lock available with a patented snap secure technology which will effectively lock the central cam in place. The ABS snap secure technology totally blocks access to the door bolt mechanism inside the lock case to effectively combat a snap attack.


ABS is the only door cylinder lock that is genuinely snap secure without the need for additional security devices such as cylinder clamps, guards and security handles, all of which require machining of the door to fit.

ABS keeps raising the standards and is now accredited with the new BSI TS007 3 star rating for security hardware - the new british standard which tests the enhanced security requirements for replacement euro cylinders.

ABS has also been accredited with the Master Locksmith Association's Sold Secure Diamond standard, the highest standard for a security cylinder and also holds Secured by Design status.